What size am I really?

I posted yesterday on my Instagram story about the Australian standards not existing any more, it was a share really from another group that I belong to – The curvy design market. The post stated that our last Australian clothing standards …. so measurements for sizing were withdrawn in 2007 as they were no longer relevant.
My brand has always been about removing the size label and if you’re one of our loyal customers you know we have names instead of numbers ….. of course we still had to reference sizing with actual measurements to allow you to choose the leggings or top you wanted but you will no longer see a size when hanging out the washing or pulling on your clothes …… instead you will be reminded that you are voluptuous or a warrior …. not pigeonholed into a number!
When I started Be Keane activewear and looked for a sizing chart to follow 3 years ago there were so many to choose from I was very confused, only to realise then there was no standard and so retailers can basically use any size chart of their choosing and provide those measurements as the size.

In our society driven by being what is perceived as a “perfect” size, the images we see in the media are unacheivable as a size 8 in one brand could be a size 10 in another and yet another it could be a 12-14!
So my advice to all you gorgeous people is don’t worry about any of the numbers, worry about the fit and the feel!
Do you feel comfortable?, do you look fabUlous? and does the fabric feel amazing….. If it is a resounding yes yes yes then buy it!!
At Be Keane we care about the fit and the feel – does it feel great to touch, doe it look great on your body and do you look great … if you don’t ever want to take them off … then we are happy dancing all day long!
When you have time read the article below – it’s really interesting and also sheds some more light onto the body issues we as women have had to endure in the ever changing sizes from brand to brand.


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