Will you be making a New Years resolution you don’t keep?

There are many New Years resolutions made in NYE- I’m going to get fit lose weight, exercise more, walk more, enter a fun run etc etc but when it comes down to it those resolutions are never kept? Why?
As a full figured (plus size) person one of the reasons is not having the right equipment and then the feeling embarrassed to get out and move… who wants to go walking or or the gym in I’ll fitting clothes or tracksuits in summer.

The range in Australia for ladies who are looking for bigger sizes is limited and mainly offer black

I’m here to let you know there is Activewear out there that is fun, edgy and functional . We offer a range of 8-38 catering to everyBODY and making women feel beautiful and confident while they exercise.
Keep your New Years resolution this year Bekeane activewear can help you achieve your goals.


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