Why don’t Australian magazines celebrate body positivity?

Why are there no magazines in Australia celebrating body positivity

Sitting in the harsh light at the hairdresser and offered an array of magazines, I am quite disappointed by all the headlines about how much weight people have lost or how they have their best body – which by the way does not look anything like mine!

“Secrets to a hot body” , “why I hate my G cup boobs” and “diet plans” for a beach body which is a whole other blog for another day.

There are very few Australian magazines if any that celebrate women who are themselves! Happy in the body they currently have and not feeling pressure to go on diets that are not sustainable and cause more damage to their mental health because they end up not only gaining back the weight, they also add some more.

It is this time of year that is even harder for anyone not living the skin they are in and to have these covers in your face and not one body positive story it’s understandable why young women grow into older women who are unable to appreciate what their bodies have done for them


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