Who determines a woman’s beauty

Why do women spend millions of dollars every year trying to change the way they look

Who determines what is really beautiful? is it society or ourselves?

I myself have looked at cosmetic options to change my face and body, my breasts in my opinion are too large, my belly is floppy and I have the baby apron, my face is showing signs of ageing, wrinkles and lines appearing age spots and my hair is starting to sparkle another areas that I do spend $$$ on every 6 weeks to correct.

Yet if I think seriously about it and was unable to spend the money on these things, my body serves me well, those breasts fed 4 children, they are a part of my history, and yes they did use to sit higher, my belly could be flatter, not jelly, but it was a soft pillow for those children and it carried those children what amazing thing the human body is, and my wrinkles and lines are proof that I have lived that I have laughed and I have smiled SO who decides my body and face is not beautiful at any stage of my life?

I encourage you to have a look at the beautiful work of  Yossi Loloi’s full beauty project – big women bare all, he takes photos of obese women in stunning poses and the only words that come to mind for me are Rubenesque.

His words ring true for me today,  as I too have had photos taken of me where I have had to find beauty in a photo of an obese woman (me) and remain strong and encourage self love and positive self talk in this world where no bulge is acceptable.


Yossi Loloi quoted

“The women depicted are targets of societal backlash, but they are strong,” Loloi said. “They fight for acceptance in a world that doesn’t approve of the slightest bulging of a love handle, let alone ‘morbid obesity’ of the possibility that some people find beauty in…all those things women spend thousands of dollars on every year trying to erase.””

In this week of “Women’s Health” we should be putting ourselves and our health and wellbeing first, educating ourselves on what makes all of us individually beautiful, the bulges, the lines, and the imperfections

2 thoughts on “Who determines a woman’s beauty

  1. Great to see you back blogging.’looking forward to your future posts. This is a great subject to start with. One thing I’ve stopped doing is during my hair, I decided to grow old gracefully and I hated sitting at the hairdresser for a couple of hours every 6 weeks. When I gave it up I felt a great freedom and have never regretted it. I am Shilo I am grey hair and all


  2. Great blog entry, so true and thought provoking.
    Yossi Lolai’s photos are amazing!
    It is a fine line between rejecting society’s judgments and living by my own beliefs, as what are really mine and what has been drilled into me over the last 40 or so years…. Looking forward to reading more!


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