Is weighing-in children really the answer?

Children grow at differing rates and often gain weight right before a growth spurt. Girls heading into puberty have monthly weight fluctuations. Weight is not an indicator of being healthy or unhealthy. A new and ambitious proposal to tackle obesity, plans to see children being ‘weighed-in’ at primary school. This move could lead to ‘labelling’ and increased bullying, cause anxiety and eating issues, and possible long-term mental health problems. Surely investing money into additional PE classes, and free or subsidised sports, dance and movement programs would be preferable? As parents, we have control and must actively consider the effect this environment could have on our children. If in doubt – opt out!

here is one article to have a look the proposal is due to hold public hearing in Melbourne and Sydney in August so you may want to hear the pros and cons yourself and have your say.

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