Being a full figured Personal Trainer

Some of you already know this but for those new to my blog heres a bit of my back story

I decided to become a Personal trainer around 8 years ago after completing several rounds of a weight loss program… my initial thought was to pay forward what I had learnt through the weeks and weeks of training, I knew what did and didn’t work for, or motivate me and I knew what kept me out of the gyms, and sometimes even out of any public area.  I knew why I didn’t want to take part in charity running/walking events with friends. I also knew what was happening in the world of activewear for bigger girls, and why I have gone down the path of creating my own range.

I qualified as a Personal Trainer and a Group Fitness instructor in 2011 and specialised in older adults as I felt our ageing population, along with women are overlooked in the fitness area. (pelvic floors a topic for another blog!)


I am more than competent to train individuals, and groups, BUT I know I am judged for my weight and appearance in activewear and this messed with my confidence to the point where I have not taught a class for approximately 6 weeks.

When working for gyms there is a judgement made by the members and the staff that if you are overweight you will not be able to perform the job. Your ability is under question – if she cant train herself, build muscles and abs –  how can she train others. They need to understand and acknowledge that being fat does not mean that I am not fit! Being overweight does not necessarily mean that I am unhealthy!

Today I took a call from  gym manager regarding my application to run group fitness at his gym and without asking me directly if I was overweight he asked if I was fit – Yes! And if I have been looking after myself and continuing my own training.

I now know that when I go for this interview which is to be a group interview (insert worried look … I hate being judged by not only the gym manager but also the other applicants). I will not get the job as I will be judged for my size by all of them and yet I am actually an excellent group fitness instructor have a fantastic personality (I’m modest) that makes people want to keep coming back for my classes, and every class is different, not sure about you but I hate the same exercise routine every time, I love freestyle classes.

I will not be judged on my ability to do this job which I am fully qualified for (and perhaps more qualified than some of the younger applicants with less experience), the measure of my success will be my appearance and so once again I will feel judged for my size.

2 thoughts on “Being a full figured Personal Trainer

  1. Omg I know exactly how you feel! Why should our ability to do a job be dependant on the way we look? I too have experienced this reaction. I am inspired that you turn this around to drive your ambition to help others

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